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Donating to OSF

By donating to OSF, you’re helping provide scholarships to WOCS students and families to help cover the cost of tuition.

Individuals, married couples filing jointly, and qualified business entities in Oklahoma are eligible to donate to OSF. No matter how you choose to give, you must first set up your account via our donor portal or click here to download a physical donor form for mail-in donations.

Donors may contribute to OSF either by check, secure online donation, or by transfer of appreciated stocks and other marketable securities to an OSF brokerage account for conversion to cash.  If donating by check, please download, complete and mail the appropriate Donor Form to OSF.  

If donating appreciated stocks or other marketable securities, download, complete and mail the appropriate Donor Form to OSF.  Have your broker follow the transfer instructions on the Donor Form to ensure the shares get into the OSF brokerage account.   


Donors contributing by check will potentially enjoy three significant tax benefits.  They are: 1) state income tax credits, 2) federal charitable contribution deduction, and 3) state charitable contribution deduction.  For those transferring appreciated stock and other marketable securities, there is a fourth benefit. Your gift will also be exempt from capital gains tax!